Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Shopping

I have no money. I have a family with three kids. I have a house and two cars. I have a dog. Once again, I have no money.

This is the main reason I do not get thrills from the shopping madness that grips so many others. Other reasons might include my general dislike of people in crowds. Nearly every tragic event in history takes place in crowds. The Kennedy assassinations, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Lady Ga Ga Concerts- always among crowds.

Try to think of a national tragedy that took place with a guy sitting at home with a book.

Also I am basically through with the idea of trying to please others or myself with some goofy purchases. I think folks would serve themselves better if they all rushed out in mobs to the shelters and soup kitchens to volunteer their time the day after Thanksgiving. Take their money to the Red Cross bucket. That would be a crowd worth walking among.