Friday, April 15, 2011

Late Night Frog Watch

The family just made the bold trek into the night wilderness for a frog watch. This is real, for city-folk and doubters, and is pretty close to how it sounds.

The watch took place at Eagle Creek park in Indianapolis. About twenty people arrived as night fell upon the learning center building. A presenter called Frog Dawn gave us all the low-down on frog life and lore. She also is an excellent mimic of frog calls, which makes her parents either very proud or very smug for naming her Frog Dawn. She has a friend who presents at the park, too, called Hawk Dawn. She does not imitate hawk calls. Her parents? Confused.

The youngest of our family, the one who has the spooky talent of wrangling lady bugs from unknown places, she captured the only frog of the night. Perhaps she is some sort of animal medium. She was quite happy to be hunting frogs as well as staying up quite past her bedtime.

Fun was had by all. And I am sure it beats out TV and video games.

Thanks for reading.