Friday, March 6, 2015

Twenty-one Lessons Learned From Chess

  1. Those who know the rules of the game and play by them best usually win. Every organization has its culture. Every potential deal has its players and personalities. In addition to simply wanting something, you have to learn about the rules which dictate the play of your particular problem. 
  2. The outcome is often determined by your opening moves. First impressions matter. You will be remembered by others from those early first meetings. If you fail to impress early, you risk falling behind permanently.
  3. Every action creates new circumstances which must be considered. You will not know how you have changed the people around you with your words and actions, but know that change happens because of you. Try to make that change positive.
  4. You can only accomplish one objective at a time. Focus on your main goal with every move you make. Eliminate wasteful and non-productive actions and thoughts whenever possible. 
  5. Understand that there are countless ways to achieve your goals. If one path leads to an unfortunate end, then try another way.
  6. You'll face many setbacks and challenges, but learning to expect them helps to keep a healthy perspective. Challenges show us our weaknesses and help us to become stronger.
  7. Nothing is entirely new. Life has been happening in much the same way for a very long time. Learn about what to expect from the others who have gone before you. There are masters in every discipline who can teach you how to navigate throughout your journey.
  8. Approach your challenges with a calm spirit. There is no wisdom in indulging fear. The calm and focused spirit will not fail.
  9. Know your assets and strengths, then use them. 
  10. Understand that games occur in stages. Don't give up. The end will be clear enough when it comes. Don't quit early.
  11. You can't rest on an individual good play or count on one successful step to make the rest easy. Be consistent and push on until the game has been won.
  12. Never underestimate anyone. You can't know what they know, and only fools think they have nothing to learn from others. Everyone has something to offer.
  13. Your most challenging opponent will likely be yourself. Your own carelessness or lack of attention will bring you more harm than anything brought on by others.
  14. Being gracious and respectful is as important as anything else you do. You will almost always encounter people more than once. As you build experiences with others you are also building your reputation. 
  15. There is no gain to be had from greed and gloating. 
  16. Shake hands.
  17. Being distracted is a success killer. Stay focused.
  18. You can probably fake it for a while, but someone will eventually call you out. Never stop learning. Never stop trying to get better at your game.
  19. There will always be someone better than you. Don't fear them, find them. They are the ones who can teach you.
  20. When you fail, try to identify the weaknesses of your own actions rather than on what others did. 
  21. Look around for the ones who are watching you for guidance. They are counting on you to teach them well. Don't pass up a chance to give back what others gave you.

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